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Below, you will see some testimonials from some of my clients. The first group was written by females and the second group was written by males.  Please read what they had to say about their colon hydrotherapy experiences when they came to see me.


“I was having infrequent bowel movements and bloating and decided to research colonic therapy. I had wanted to try this therapy for years, but was too scared. I talked to Pam about it and was impressed with her knowledge and her comforting manner. I decided to try it. Pam is amazing. She is a professional who has such a passion for what she does. Pam made the whole experience relaxing and comfortable. After my third session, I felt so much better. It gave me relief from my bloating, and my bowel movements improved.  Even my clothes fit better!”

Kathy S.

“My gastroenterologist, Dr. Jeffrey Medoff, suggested that I try colon hydrotherapy as an alternative to the standard preparation before a colonoscopy because it was a more gentle approach than the usual requirement of drinking a gallon of laxative. This was a much more relaxing way to get ready for my colonoscopy! Colon hydrotherapy is very easy on the body and not harsh at all. I would definitely use it as the preparation before a colonoscopy if I ever need a colonoscopy in the future. I’ve told several people that they should do this instead of drinking all of that laxative!”

Paula Louise Tutherow, RN, BSN

“Everything about Sunrise Colon Hydrotherapy is professional and client-centered. The office is clean, serene and relaxing while Pam is attentive and respective to my well-being. Because of continued sessions, food allergies that have plagued me for years have completely cleared, my weight is more easily managed, my energy level has improved and my skin glows - thanks to Pam."

Kelly F.


“Sunrise Colon Hydrotherapy was absolutely outstanding! The experience was nothing like I was expecting. The office was warm, relaxing, and tremendously inviting! Pam was very pleasant and professional.  Pam's concern was my comfort and enjoyment with the procedure. I was so at ease!  In fact, there were several times that I could have fallen asleep. The smooth jazz music and soft lighting was a great touch to this experience. The process was painless, and Pam made sure that I was relaxed and comfortable at all times. The outcome was amazing! From the moment the procedure was completed I have felt so much better. I no longer feel fatigued, bloated, or stressed. I feel like my body has thanked me for disposing of these wastes. I have felt energized and refreshed since this procedure (about three weeks ago). I will definitely be coming back and telling everyone I know about this wonderful procedure! It was one of the best decisions I have ever made with my health.
Thank you Sunrise and Pam for such an enjoyable experience and a wonderful outcome!!” 

Bruce Palmer, 24

“To the "REAL MEN" of the world!!!
Colon hydrotherapy is a great thing for you to consider. Number one, it is a great way to begin a healthy regimen for 2008. And secondly, you will feel fantastic. For those of you who work hard in the gym to create and maintain a six-pack abdominal area, this will definitely assist you in getting those hard-to-get lower abdominal muscles intact!!!” 

Scott W. Bonds

“I researched colonics (or colon hydrotherapy) on the net for about three months before deciding to try it. I was somewhat apprehensive about the procedure. I called Sunrise Colon Hydrotherapy and spoke with Pam about my concerns. Once I felt at ease, I set up an appointment and was very pleased with the results. She explained each step of the procedure during my appointment and I was relieved that her facility was clean. After my first session, I felt empty and lighter! Other sessions followed and, in the process, I changed my eating habits (more vegetables and fruits and increased water consumption). I have more energy and feel refreshed and healthier! Thanks, Pam!” 

Billy J., 45