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This is a cozy recliner on one side of my waiting room. If you are having a colonic as part of your colonoscopy preparation, your "driver" can relax and take a nap while they wait!

Here is another cozy recliner on the other side of my waiting room. There are two relaxing or napping spots to choose from!

Here is the procedure room where you will lay on a massage table which is topped with a memory-foam mattress pad for additional comfort, as well as a small cushion above that for low-back support, and a full-length paper sheet on top of that which is new for each client. I sit with you throughout the procedure, monitoring the water flow. When you're through, the rest room is just a few steps away.

Here is a view of the procedure room which is more from the point of view of the client who is lying on the massage table. Once the session begins, the lighting is dimmed and the wall picture is turned on. There is a light behind the picture, making it look like the water is moving. With the padded table, the low lighting, soft music playing, and a warmed eye pillow over the client's eyes, clients usually find that they are surprisingly relaxed.