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Frequently Asked Questions:

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Q: What does the procedure involve and how long does it take? 

A: Basically, a lubricated rectal tube is inserted while you are lying on a massage table. On the outside of the tube is a Y-branch. Attached to one of the Y-branches is the fresh-water tube and attached to the other branch is the waste-water tube. Both tubes are attached to the hydrotherapy machine.  You lie comfortably on your back with a towel over you while I allow warm, filtered water to flow gently into the colon through the tubing for about six seconds. Then I turn the water off for a minute or two to let the water soak the fecal matter in the colon. Then I add another six seconds of water and let you soak for a minute or two. We repeat that process until you feel ready to release and then the contents of the colon flow out through the tubing. We continue the process for up to 45 minutes and then you sit on the toilet for a few minutes and, hopefully, have another release. 

Q: Will the procedure hurt? 

A: The only time that the insertion may be uncomfortable is if you are having hemorrhoid trouble, but I will ask you about that before booking an appointment. Some people may experience a slight feeling of pressure during the insertion of the tube but, if so, we pause for a moment until the feeling passes and then finish the insertion. As far as discomfort during the procedure, rarely does anyone have any abdominal discomfort. When uncomfortable pressure is felt from the soaking of the water, the client tells me and we release the contents and the pressure is relieved. 

Q: Do I need to do anything to prepare for it? 

A: The only thing I ask is that you try not to eat anything heavy for about an hour and a half before your session. This is so that your digestive system can put its energy into elimination rather than digestion. 

Q: How will I feel afterwards? 

A: Some typical comments from clients are: “I feel less tight and less bloated in my abdomen”, or “I feel lighter”, or “I feel like I have so much energy”, or “My stomach feels a lot more relaxed now”. After you leave, you will be able to eat normally and resume your usual activities.  It is important to note that, for the next few hours after an appointment, it is possible to feel a need to have another bowel movement or two. Therefore, I do not recommend having a colonic for several hours before an important event or before boarding a plane or before outdoor activities - that type of thing. 

Q: When can I expect a return phone call? 

A: I will try to return your call the same day. However, if my schedule has been filled with clients the day that you call, it may be the next day before I am able to return your call. My day is not through when the last client leaves – I have the work laundry to do, reminder calls to make to the next day’s clients, and, possibly, errands to run, etc, so please be patient. I will return your call as soon as I am able. 

Q: How far in advance do I need to make an appointment? 

A: That varies. There is no real pattern to when my schedule gets full, so it may be possible to get an appointment the day you call or it may be a few days before an appointment is available. 

Q: How did you get into this business? 

A: I am often asked this. I had been receiving colon hydrotherapy (colonics) for 13 or 14 years before I began this business. During all those years, I had said to many people, “I don’t know why everyone doesn’t have this done – it makes me feel so much better.” In 2005, I suddenly had several people tell me (within a short period of time) that I should be doing this for a living. After much thought and prayer, I decided to do just that and the doors kept opening to lead me in that direction, so here I am!